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  • Dr Paul Penn

Avoiding self-plagiarism

You'll most likely be aware of the importance of not plagiarising the work of others, but did you know that it's possible to plagiarise your own work?

In this video I give you some guidance on self-plagiarism and how to avoid it.

0:00 - Start 0:26 - How is it even possible to self-plagiarise?

1:35 - Thinking about self plagiarism in terms of 'recycling work' and why this is considered unacceptable practice for students.

3:28 - Why self plagiarism is considered unacceptable practice for professional academics. 4:11 - How to avoid self-plagiarism.

5:14 - Does self plagiarism mean that once I've cited a source in a piece of work, I can't use the same source in future work?


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