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Guide to Quantitative Psychology Lab Report Writing now available.

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Annotated example lab report final
Download DOCX • 68KB

Dear all,

There is a big update today that will be of particular interest to those of you studying Psychology, especially if you're in your first year of study.

I'm releasing an example quantitative psychology lab report, annoted by me to help you with your lab report writing! (See attached document). Please ensure that you can see the comments on the right-hand side of this document (you may need to select ‘show comments’ in the review menu of MS Word to reveal them).


I'm in the process of uploading a series of companion video guides to producing a psychology lab report to YouTube that are based on this example lab report, here:

As you can imagine, this update represents an awful lot of work on my part. If you find this content helpful then please do me a favour in return and subscribe to my YouTube channel and leave a like on any content you find useful. If you want to know when I post new content, don't forget to turn on the bell notificant icon.

Just a couple of clicks on from you will *really* help my channel grow and result in more content for everyone to benefit from.

With thanks and best wishes,


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