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  • Dr Paul Penn

I've won the Higher Education Psychology Teacher Of The Year award.

I am delighted to announce that I have won the Higher Education Psychology Teacher of the Year award in recognition of my efforts to improve the communication of advice from psychology on effective studying to students in higher education and those who support them. I am honoured to have won and am incredibly grateful to the British Psychological Society's Division of Academics, Researchers and Teachers of Psychology and the Oxford University Press for creating and sponsoring the award. If you’d like to read the case study I (and the other finalists) submitted and presented for the contest, they are available here.

I am full of admiration for every lecturer that put aside the time and effort to enter this competition during a very difficult period of time for staff and students in higher education. I’d like to give particular mention to my co-finalists Dr. Louise Bunce-Taylor and Dr. Richard Harris, whose work I really enjoyed learning about and encourage you all to examine.

The most gratifying thing about this award is that it casts attention on the application of psychological research in helping students study more effectively. This is one of the most valuable (but often rather overlooked and under-sold) contributions of psychology to the betterment of society. This award does more than just acknowledge my work; it's a validation of the importance of the efforts of academics and support staff across the UK who work tirelessly to help students succeed in their studies.

My efforts to promote the application of psychological research in helping students study more effectively will continue and would *really* benefit from your help!

If you like what I do, you can support my work in four ways:

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Let’s all empower students to succeed by making sure that evidence-based advice from psychology on how to study effectively is available to them and those who support them.

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