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  • Dr Paul Penn

Using quotation appropriately

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

0:00 - Start

0:25 - What is quotation?

0:56 - An example of a quotation in APA style

1:33 - When is it appropriate to use quotation

3:05 - Misuse of quotations

5:37 - Source dependency?

6:17 - Sub-optimal note-taking practices & Cryptomensia

7:12 - Advice on avoiding the misuse of quotation


Breen, L., & Maassen, M. (2005). Reducing the incidence of plagiarism in an undergraduate course: The role of education. Issues in Educational Research, 15(1), 1-16.

Roig, M. (1997). Can undergraduate students determine whether text has been plagiarized?. The Psychological Record, 47(1), 113-122.

Stark, L. J., & Perfect, T. J. (2008). The effects of repeated idea elaboration on unconscious plagiarism. Memory & cognition, 36(1), 65-73.

In this video I provide some important advice on the appropriate use of quotation and how to avoid mis-using it or becoming over-reliant on it in your composition.

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