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  • Dr Paul Penn

The Psychology of Effective Studying - Public lecture recording

In October 2022, I was invited to give the 2nd annual John Radford public lecture on how psychology can help students study more effectively. This is a video recording of that lecture. My thanks to Kevin Head at the University of East London for recording and editing this video. Being invited to give this talk was a proud moment for me as John has made a massive contribution to the teaching of Psychology here in the UK. He was the inaugural recipient of the British Psychological Society's Award for Distinguished Contributions to the Teaching of Psychology. In 2011 he was also the first person in the Society's 110-year history to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award for Psychology Education. John appears in the video to say a few words at the end of my talk. I hope you enjoy this video/find it useful. If so, please do hit the like button and subscribe to my channel if you'd like to see more content like this.

Best wishes, Paul

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